Patient Feedback

” I have been in pain for years, taking tablets that did nothing for the ’cause’ of my pain…I now feel better than I have in ages, gone is most of my pain. May I say Thank Goodness for Dr John Parsons & Chiropractic. Please display this letter in your clinic” – Alma

” I’m sending a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all of you. Thank you for helping me so wonderfully. I’m always recommending Parsons Chiropractic to anyone I know with back problems” – Helen

“I went to see John after a friend recommended his practice to me . I had tried my doctor and other chiropractors who used various back cracking techniques, and while these eased the back pain and sciatica, the problem never quite went away. John’s more gentle technique of nudging the bones back into place and freeing up the joints and muscles worked so well I have recommended John to family and friends who have all been very pleased and now like myself do not suffer back pain.”  C.F. Del Pinto, chef

” The chronic back pain I had for 12 months is now gone!” – D. Fitzsimmons

” After several years of daily painkillers for migraine, I am now totally pain free!” – Jennie Jones

” I must admit I was very sceptical at first but truly amazed at the results ” – Katherine

” Back problems have eased wonderfully. Great to be rid of constant pain” – Barbara

” Its fantastic! At last after many years of neck pain and loss of movement, I can freely turn whilst driving and I am without pain. Thanks ” – Sam

” I was a nurse, and after an accident at work I damaged my back causing sciatic pain. Treatment successful!” – E. Morris

” I had severe shoulder pain and could not do my hair etc. I can only say I have made a miraculous recovery”  – Mollie

” After neck and shoulder pain, now have no pain and straighter in stance thanks to John and team” – J. O’Malley

” I had severe back and neck pain. Now no back pain and walking taller. Treatment has allowed me to get on with my life without pain.” – P. Styles

” I had been unable to work for more than 9 months before I came to see John but now I am working and no longer have to take painkillers, Thanks” – Becky

” Came in with neck pain and stiffness. Within 2 weeks of starting symptoms were definitely better, after 4 weeks virtually symptom free. Very attentive and supportive staff. Thank you” – M. Stafford

” Trapped nerve in my neck, very painful. Pain started to disappear after just 2 treatments. Chiropractic definitely works – Thank you” – Don

” Thank you for making me feel better ” – Helen

” What a wonderful relief! Thank you ” – V. Crook