What To Expect

First Visit – The Consultation

The consultation is important as it allows us to get the history of your condition as well as general health concerns that could be related to your pain or problem. We will give a thorough examination including all the appropriate orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests. Then we will report to you what we have found and if we think you can benefit from chiropractic. All this is complimentary for a limited time only. We only charge for treatments.

This isn’t just done in words, and so where appropriate we will use models and charts to fully explain your situation. This allows us to create a individual tailored written plan of care to best suit you and your needs.

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Treatment Phases

The Acute Phase: At the start of the treatment plan patients are in pain and our aim is to simply get you out of pain as soon as possible, and able to get back to your normal activities. We do this a number of ways including gentle adjustments and it is most effective to have a few appointments close together. Gentle exercises may be appropriate at this stage.

The Correction/Rehabilitation Phase: At this stage patients are usually out of pain. However, it is important that we help make long lasting corrections. Our patients find that at this phase joint mobility and muscle strength grow, improving your life. This phase does not require as many appointments and would be supported with exercises to strengthen and stabilize the spine.

The Maintenance/WellBeing phase: Our aim as chiropractors is not only to relieve pain but to help guide our patients towards the benefits of wellness care. We want you to feel great and stay that way! We don’t want you to start experiencing problems again and the best way to try and prevent this is to help educate our patients, and promote health and fitness. This phase visits are less frequent, sometimes every month, or even every other month depending on your job, situation and condition. At each visit in this phase we will thoroughly check and adjust you to maintain all the improvements to your neck, spine, muscles and joints, and
see if there is any other issues or relapses. Like other preventative strategies Maintenence Care can help save you money and pain by keeping you well.

However far you wish to take your chiropractic is up to you. Whatever you decide, we are happy to work with you to achieve your health goals. Call us today on 01772 431133

Consultation Room

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