Why Not Walk?!

Exercise and Fitness
Bring a friend, a dog, or both to help you enjoy the exercise benefits walking provides.
You’ve frequently heard about the health benefits of walking, but unfortunately, many of us see it as a boring activity that we do alone. However, there are a number of ways to make walking fun, lose weight and reap some wonderful health benefits!

Fun you say?  Consider these suggestions:

Get a friend to join you – Exercise is always more fun when you have a friend along – and you may not even notice how far you’re gone or how long you’ve been walking when you’re engaged in conversation.
What about Fido? Stop letting your dog out the back door and put him/her on a leash – then let him/her take the lead and just try to keep up! You’ll both get more fit.
Make it a game – Take an uncharted path or walk until you see five “For Sale” signs. Play a new game every day.
Walk to the music – Take along an MP3 player and walk to the music. Speed it up to a fast song and slow it down a bit to a ballad.
Window shop while you walk – not only will you save money – you’ll get some great exercise as well!
When it gets too cold or hot – head to an indoor shopping centre to walk. Walk along each level and take the stairs – no escalators – that’s cheating!
“Read” a book while you walk – get an audio book and you’ll be looking forward to each day’s chapter as you get in shape.
Change the times when you walk so it’s not so routine – morning sunrise one day, lunch break another or after dinner.
Give yourself a reward – monetary or other – to make walking rewarding as more than just exercise!
Walking can be fun and great exercise to relieve stress, to lose or maintain weight and to give yourself a feeling of accomplishment. And if you’re able – walk to our practice for your regular chiropractic appointments to stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally!